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I earned my MFA from Shakespeare Theatre's Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University and have appeared in Off-Broadway productions, on network television, in national commercials, and in worldwide print publications.

Check it out!

This is a spot I did for Soda Stream that has over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Watch the short film No Strings Attached where I play an ex-girlfriend who doesn't get choked up after a breakup.

I had a great time shooting this music video for NoCal based metal band Death Valley High.

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The Comedy of Errors

Baltimore Shakespeare Festival

"…a high-caliber, tightly-matched cast." … "Mary Werntz is a charming Luciana." - The Baltimore Sun

Antony and Cleopatra

Synetic Theater

"Werntz is expressively convincing as the emperor's sister, Octavia, whose arranged marriage to Antony outrages Cleopatra…" - The Washington Post


Synetic Theater

"Lucy, played by Mary Wertnz, writhed terrifically and tossed men away from her with superhuman strength." - Ballet-Dance Magazine

"And everyone just loves being titillated by the bloody seduction scenes - Mary Werntz as Lucy Westenra gets the brunt of this, her vulnerable delicacy turned into rampant bloodlust is one of the many stunning moments." - We Love DC

Life in Death

DC Fringe Festival

"…Werntz was utterly fantastic, capable of conveying more emotions in a single glance than some actors can do with a monologue." - Washington City Paper

"… as young Emily, Mary Werntz whirls her lithe form gracefully about the stage, weaving a dangerous spell over both the Painter and the audience." - DC Theatre Scene

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Commercials & Industrials

Short Films


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